I work at a certain retail drug store.
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we love you when you say “hold on, let me call you back. i’m going to pay” when you’re on the phone about to make a purchase. 

We hate you because you actually think that griping at a minimum-wage sales associate is going to bring about changes in price, product availability, or company policies.

we hate you when you treat our toy department as a “babysitter” for your kids while you shop.

We hate you because you come into a sit-down restaurant in the middle of dinner rush and say you’re in a hurry and have to be in and out in less than thirty minutes.

We hate you because you get angry with us when your total is more than you planned on spending.

We hate you because you hand us a plastic bag full of change at the drive-thru and expect US to count out the amount you owe, when there are four cars in line behind you. 

We hate you because you come in here everyday expecting your food to be hotter than the sun and don’t come back up to tell us your food wasn’t hot enough until thirty minutes after you finish eating it. 

We hate you because you expect us to change the temperature of the entire store just because you think it’s “a little cold.”

We hate you because you just don’t listen.

We hate you because you clog the bathroom toilet and do nothing about it even though there’s a plunger in the stall with you.