I work at a certain retail drug store.
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We hate you because your ability to read and understand signs disappear when you walk into our store.

We hate you because when we mention our speaker is crappy because corporate won’t fix it, you get irritated that you have to turn off your car.

We hate you because you let your spawn children pick their nose and put their bodily fluids everywhere.

We hate you because you don’t know what a rebate is, and get all incredulous when we explain to you that it is NOT just a sale.

We hate you because you put your items on the counter as far away from us as you possibly can. Oh no, I can reach that far, no trouble at all. 

We hate you because instead of handing us the items you don’t want you leave them at the end of the conveyor belt

We hate you because you feel the need to yell at us when all we’re asking you to do is sign for your prescription.

We hate you because making a phone call to fix something for you is just the thing we wanted to do while we have a huge line of people to also take care of.

We hate you because you tell us ‘wow it must be awful to work on [enter holiday here]”. We are open so because people like you shop/pretend to shop on holidays.

We hate you because you hand us 20 items of clothing but tell us that we can’t let any of them touch any part of the register.