I work at a certain retail drug store.
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We hate you because you complain that we’re not helping you fast enough when we’re quite clearly doing something for another guest.

We hate you when you leave your kids unattended while you sit at the bar, and they manage to set the plant on fire with the matches you gave them

We hate you because you don’t watch your toddler running around and let them run out into the street where there’s incoming traffic.

We hate you because you don’t ask your friends what they want before you pull up to the drive through speaker and then it takes you six minutes to order.

We hate you because you think we’re too stupid to catch your passive aggression and “sass”

We hate you because you keep interrupting us when we try to explain to you about our merchandise.

We hate you because you say “oh wait, here’s eleven cents” after we’ve already counted out eighty-nine cents in change, shut the drawer, and closed the transaction.

We hate you because you abandon your extra large strollers in the middle of walkways.

We hate you because even though our register light is off, you still feel the need to jump in the line….its closed!

We hate you because instead of simply carrying cash you insist on complaining to us about how every debit terminal is different in every store and getting frustrated while trying to figure it out.